Underwear Features

The sports underwear market has long sought the best in functionality and support at the expense of comfort. There has always been a misconception that sports underwear can only be worn when exercising. Few underwear truly combines movement and comfort. Ceceliam puts aside false and exaggerated marketing remarks through precise pain point needs, excellent design and comfortable fabrics, and insists on improving the quality of life with innovation and product quality, so that consumers’ comfort in sports and leisure can be truly improved.


4.5cm Wide extra soft and elastic athletic waistband for a secure fit.Featuring a Microfiber blend for dynamic comfort and support.Tagless waistband to provide a Premium Smoothness & Softness.


One-piece seamless cut on the side are intelligently placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel.


Breathable sealed Micromesh pouch with no fly for max support.Anatomically contoured to keep your brother cool, safe, and in place.


Made of 100% cool mesh panels on the bottom treated with cooling properties for an even softer, silkier feel, increasing comfortability and breathable.

5 Panel Classic Design

If you are the sporty kind, whether you are a runner, motorcycle rider or gym goer, you will enjoy our print range. Our patterned boxer briefs include some vibrant prints that will make you really stand out. For those of you with thick thighs, there is no need to worry. The moisture wicking fabric made from a polyester spandex blend makes the boxer shorts stretchy but fit to your shape without any chafing and offers optimum mobility and breathability. We’ve purposely made an anti-rolling branded waistband for when you’re on the go for the ultimate comfort. Our long leg underwear keeps those of you who are prone to heavy sweating in mind. Our men’s underwear incorporates the use of ”no rise technology”, so when you’re out and about and on the move, the shorts won’t ride up your leg and will absorb less moisture.


88% Polyester 12% Elastane

Specifically woven for breathability and athletic feel.Our brushed micropolyester fabric that holds shape through wash and offers unrivaled softness, featherlight and non-pilling to deliver the best feel, extreme temperature regulation.And, of course, the never fading prints to help you beacome the foucus.


Made of 100% cool mesh panels on the front and back treated with cooling properties for an even softer, silkier feel, increasing comfortability and breathable.


Multi-piece stitching cut for optimal fit, leg compression design, local support for key muscles, reducing muscle tremor and not compressing important parts.

Reverse Stitching

In pursuit of comfort and durability,Using time-consuming and labor-intensive manual square reverse stitching process, the skin-friendly side faces inward, bringing a smooth and frictionless comfortable experience.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Underwear

About Us


Using more environmentally friendly printing technology and packaging bags and fitting more daily occasions is our key design and produce principle to maintain Sustainability.


We honors & supports those who step out of comfort zone and take on the challenge of learning something new & discover more of the world.No matter who you are, you can achieve whatever you put your mind too.


Ceceim strives to produce durable, comfortable, and performance underwear that allow you to fit your lifestyle.